No command terminal
Connecting all your daily workflows
Kloudi is an NLP terminal that brings all the data and actions from your tools at one place so that you have the most seamless experience ever!
Terminal to connect all your tools
Bringing all the data at one place
Tired of old-fashioned debugging and navigating between tools to make sense of your data. Say no more!
It takes only 2 mins to connect your tool with Kloudi
Perform every action using Kloudi
Without learning any command

Are you sick of learning commands for every tool. Press ctrl + k and watch your tools tell you the story.

Queries in Kloudi build context to your data
Zero navigation for your workflows
Unlocking cross-functionality for tools
Don’t you wish you had to spend less time navigating tools and collating data. Wish no more cause with Kloudi you get the most actionable data.
Navigation can take upto 25 mins of your time everyday
Completely functional in your IDE
Live with VSCode.
We built Kloudi to bring the best experience in your IDEs. Kloudi extension is live in VSCode and IntelliJ plugin is coming soon!
Unlock a better experience for your tools with Kloudi